Maine Emergency Management Agency Conference

Maine Emergency Management Agency’s Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference will take place April 22-23 at the Augusta Civic Center.

Over the course of two days, panels will feature a variety of approaches to emergency preparedness. (See the action-packed agenda here). The very first session on Tuesday, April 22, at 8:30 am, includes a panel entitled Talking with the Firefighter, Listening to the Museum Director.  Led by Ellen Dyer (Cultural Emergency Resource Coalition), Heidi Leinonen (Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency), and Julia Clark (Curator of Collections at the Abbe Museum and Assistant Fire Chief of the Orland Fire Department), this panel will look at priorities, responsibilities, and communication needs of emergency responders and cultural stewards.

Those who are interested in attending the conference can register at the door.

The Supercharged Management System: Applying the Incident Command System in Cultural Repositories

A Webinar and Live Chat Event

Take part in this free webinar on Thursday, April 17, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern). We encourage you to share the event announcement with your constituents.

Every cultural repository needs two management structures: the day-to-day, business-as-usual hierarchy, and a “supercharged” management structure that takes over temporarily during a crisis or whenever events threaten to overwhelm normal business routines. Emergency responders have used just such a supercharged structure for years: the Incident Command System (ICS). Whether you are preparing for fires and floods—or planning a major public event—the Incident Command System is a proven management tool that safeguards lives, property, and priceless collections. Learn how to put it to use at your organization!

Follow this link to access the webinar. You do not need to be a registered member of the Online Community to participate. Simply click on the green “Access Meeting Room” button on the right-hand side of the home page. Once there, enter your name and location and click enter. You will be redirected to the webinar. If you’re having difficulty, please take a look at our help page.

Alaska Shield 2014

Release date: MARCH 20, 2014
FEMA Release Number: 14-2

A large earthquake in Alaska, especially in winter, would require a different type of response than most areas of the nation. FEMA Region X is participating in a series of exercises that will test the ability of the federal government to respond to major disasters in Alaska.

The largest of the exercises is Alaska Shield 2014. This full-scale emergency response exercise, occurring in late March of 2014 that will test the plans and actions of the State of Alaska, FEMA, territorial governments, private sector companies, international partners, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions and its partners.

“We do not know when the next earthquake or tsunami will take place, but it will depend on our collective and individual preparedness to reduce our vulnerability.” said FEMA Regional Administrator Ken Murphy. “It is imperative that we work together in advance of an event to make sure that all of our systems are working together smoothly and seamlessly”.

This exercise will coincide with 50th anniversary commemoration events of the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake. The earthquake scenario is designed to be of sufficient complexity to disrupt the States essential services, making it difficult for communities to obtain outside assistance but allow life safety activities to resume.

A Full-Scale Exercise tests plans and actions during the initial response phase of a disaster. It also tests the ability to stabilize the situation and meet immediate essential needs during a major disruptive event, as well as ensure recovery efforts can begin.

For more information about the exercise follow #AKShield, @AlaskaDHSEM and @FEMARegion10 on Twitter.

National Flood Safety Awareness Week: March 16-22

FEMA and NOAA have collaborated to develop national campaigns of preparedness and response. This week they draw our attention to the unique risks presented by floods, a common hazard heightened during the “spring thaw” – a season of melting snow and additional precipitation.

Workers and employers should take measures to ensure that they are equipped to prepare for and respond to floods. OSHA has put together helpful resources including a preparedness page and a response/recovery page.

Floods can be caused by a variety of factors and behave very differently. Make sure that employees are equipped to handle all of the hazards associated with these disasters.

Take Part in the 1st Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 3rd

Heritage Preservation’s annual MayDay campaign encourages cultural institutions to do one thing for disaster planning during the month of May.

This year, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and State Farm are encouraging communities to recognize Saturday, May 3rd, as National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. State Farm is offering up 20 grants of $500 to fund community projects that will reduce the risk of wildfires.

Interested project organizers may enter the contest through NFPA’s website or Facebook page. The deadline to enter is March 19th, so make sure to get your entry forms in!

If you’re looking for project ideas, NFPA offers several suggestions in addition to project resources and a program video. Wildfires pose a significant danger to upwards of 72,000 U.S. communities, with more than one quarter of US states at increased risk.* Please be sure to share this information with any relevant parties.

*Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida

Source: Natural Disasters by Patrick L. Abbott, New York: McGraw-Hill, 2005

National Severe Weather Preparedness Week

Promote and Share Information about National Severe Weather Preparedness Week

Severe weather – floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms and lightning – can happen any time. Promote National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, March 2–8, 2014, to your constituents by downloading and sharing the 2014 National Severe Weather Preparedness Week Toolkit. National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is sponsored by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).force_of-Nature_icon

Preparing for Severe Spring Weather Webinar

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 2:00 pm to 3:00 PM EDT

Registration Link:

Check out this webinar which addresses risks associated with the upcoming Spring season. Please be sure to share with your constituents!

“We have all witnessed the devastating effects Mother Nature can cause throughout the year. As we look ahead to Spring, now is the time to prepare for the threats posed by spring storms and floodwaters. Your organization is more than just a place of business to your customers, employees and stakeholders. Your organization is a key aspect of their lives, and one that must be protected. If your organization is affected by adverse weather conditions, how well will you be prepared to serve those who depend on you in their time of need?

Join the SBA and co-sponsor Agility Recovery as we welcome Agility CEO Bob Boyd who will share practical, applicable tips and best practices to mitigate the risks posed by spring weather conditions.  These recommended steps and strategies are based on the thousands of successful business recoveries following weather disasters, including those related to flooding, tornadoes and severe storms.


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