Participate in EMI’s Winter Storm Virtual Tabletop Exercise (VTTX)

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) is offering a four-hour Winter Storm Virtual Tabletop Exercises (VTTX) in November. The VTTX involves key personnel discussing simulated scenarios in an informal setting and can be used to assess plans, policies, training, and procedures. This exercise will provide an excellent opportunity for cultural agencies to engage with their EMA (and vice versa) to further customize the scenario to include cultural and historic resources.

The VTTX differs from other tabletop exercises in that it is conducted using Video-Teleconference (VTC) technology (not web-based), and is intended to provide an opportunity for responders across the nation to participate simultaneously in a hazard-specific facilitated discussion. Lead facilitation for the exercise will be coordinated by EMI, with local facilitation provided by the participating EMA. This is a great opportunity to prepare for potentially disastrous winter weather.

This format will allow the common delivery of exercise materials, scenarios, modules, and discussion questions among those participating in the exercise.

Click here for more information, but don’t delay. The deadline for your EMA to apply to participate in the exercise is November 3, 2014.


1 thought on “Participate in EMI’s Winter Storm Virtual Tabletop Exercise (VTTX)

  1. Encouraging our local and state level emergency management personnel to participate in this event would be a great way to foster the partnership between our cultural heritage organizations and our emergency managers! Perhaps afterward we could partner with our EMs to do a joint tabletop exercise that would incorporate our organizations into the EMs’ winter storm response plans.

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